/Travel Agencies should improve their Social Media strategy

Travel Agencies should improve their Social Media strategy

We have done a report analysing the presence of the most important Top 10 Travel Agencies on social networks, considering Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
The selected Travel Agencies for this report have been: Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, Hotwire, Booking, Hostelworld, Agoda, CheapTickets, Priceline and Hotels.

Top 10 Travel Agencies on Social Media – October 2014

Expedia is the leading Travel Agency on social media with the 45% of the total unique audience. The main market is the US and also Canada, Italy and India stand out.

Facebook is the most important social network for the Travel Agencies’ marketers in terms of audience. This social network gathers 10.2 million potential buyers for this industry. The most used content strategy formula is: phrase + photo + link to the website.

Twitter is the social network where brands are more actives among all the social media. All the brands analysed have a global profile.

As for Youtube, this social network is the least important for the Travel Agencies’ marketers. In fact, many of the companies analysed have not uploaded any video during this time of period. Agoda and CheapTickets do not even have a global profile.

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Infography Top 10 Travel Agencies on Social Media – October 2014